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I’ve been making money online as my principle “job” for the last five years. The main way I’ve generated income during this time (and this is still true today) is through the promotion of affiliate programs (example: online diet niche.) When people buy products through my affiliate links I get a percentage of the sale.

And the main way I get people to buy things through my affiliate links (so that I can make more money) is by having high natural search rankings. And the principle way I get my natural search rankings higher is by building links.

This leads me to Unique Article Wizard. This article marketing service is my #1 recommended method for building links. I’ve been using it successfully for a long time now and I see no reason why other people can’t do the same thing with it. It allows you to include a total of five links in every article (2 in the body, 2 in the resource box, and 1 for an embedded video) and you can spin those links as much as you would like (to different destination pages and with different anchor texts.)

Every one of my article submissions with Unique Article Wizard goes out to hundreds of different article sites which means I can get back hundreds of links for every article submission! Yes, not every site they go on is of much value but I have done enough testing to know that it’s very effective at helping my landing pages to rank higher (which of course leads to more money earned with my affiliate programs.)

CLICK HERE to learn more about UAW (including how you can sign up with it now.)

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  1. I’d like to comment on my own post because someone commented something stupid on it (which I actually deleted but I want to respond to it anyway!)

    They said that I should try some new “marketing approach” because my first line “I’ve been making money online as my principle “job” for the last five years.” sounds like something they hear all the time…?

    I don’t think of this as marketing. It’s just the truth.

    Well now it’s been 6 years.

    I understand there are a lot of bull shit artists out there so I dig being alert to signs of it… but this is the real deal and you’re missing out if you’re trying to get better search rankings and you don’t try it. It works.

    admin | Apr 1, 2011 | Reply

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