President Barack Obama’s Soaring Stock Market

If you did the smart thing and invested in the stock market in 2009 because we finally had a Democrat in the White House again then you are likely very wealthy today.

The Dow has gained 5867 points over the past two years since it bottomed out at 6,509 on March 9th of 2009 (this was obviously before any of President Obama’s new policies - most importantly the stimulus program - had a chance to take effect.)

This is an incredible gain of 90% in just over two years. This means that even if you were just an average investor you could have nearly doubled your money in the stock market in just two years!

The stock market soaring while Democrats reside in the White House is not a new thing, of course. It happened in the 1990s with President Bill Clinton as well. During Clinton’s 8 years the Dow rose 226%. For comparison’s sake, during George W. Bush’s 8 years the Dow rose… Well it didn’t rise at all actually. It dropped 19%.

It’s about time that President Obama and the Democratic Party in general gets some credit for the great market we’ve been seeing as it rebounds impressively from the huge losses of the Bush recession!

And now, finally, the jobs seem to be catching up too as unemployment has dropped a full percentage point since November with today’s good jobs report.

If you’re in the stock market you should be making an investment in Obama’s reelection campaign. You can’t afford a Republican back in the White House.

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